Heerinos me Damaskina

Braised Pork in Plum and Petimezi
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Premiered at Symposia. A Series III, the dish inspired by the restaurant Mavrikos on Lindos, Rhodes, braised pork shoulder from the Southeast Food Network with plums and roasted fennel seed in Mavrodaphne, the port-like wine from Patras, Greece and petimezi a traditional grape molasses. A sprinkling of natural sesame seeds and scallions brighten the richness of this mahogany sauce served atop a bed of cumin-scented Jasmine rice. This rich dish pairs nicely with the Syrah deep blend of Oenodia, Lazaridi's Grand Gold Awarded red with tannins tucking neatly into the plum richness of this dish. Or, for a for an all around good value, Elios Red from Boutari or try Kleoni semi-sweet red!